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What is Heartbleed? Technically, it's known as CVE-2014-0160 and it is an OpenSSL Heartbeat Buffer Over-read.
The National Vulnerability Database details are here.

How to check a website for Heartbleed

Enter the website you want to test in the field to the right. We will send a small query to the website server to see if it discloses too much information. We don't store this data and we won't show it to you, but we will tell you in a matter of moments whether or not the website is vulnerable.

Enter Website to be tested:

Use either of these formats: www.websitename.com or www.websitename.com:443


There's been a lot written about Heartbleed — here are some of the best pieces to get you up-to-date.

Why is Heartbleed so dangerous?
Watch this video to find out.


How to fix it: http://learning.criticalwatch.com/heartbleed

If you own or administer a bunch of websites that you need to test until you can validate they've been fixed, our FusionVM® vulnerability management service is great for that and you can contact us.